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中国能源政策的有用特征:‘We want the world and we want it now!” Is this a useful characterisation of China’s energy policy?

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关键词:中国能源政策energy policy



争论–不是中国一个有用的特征。目前看来 似乎中国正在努力利用一切来实现目标,从中国走向国际资源的主导地位。 但这可能是中国立场的错误陈述。 由于人口14亿,经济快速增长,中国能源需求旺盛,储备有限。 为了确保其能源安全,中国必须从外界进口大量的石油,天然气等原材料,渴望开拓东南,南海的新储备。 与此同时,中国也遭受过度滥用贪污权力造成的污染。 为此,中国政府将“反对环境污染”纳入“十二五”期间,花了大量资金研究开发可再生能源。进口大量的石油,也渴望探索新的储备和东南海的天然气和其他原材料。同时,中国也遭受了的过度使用这些使用权利造成的污染。为了解决这一问题,中国政府将“环境污染”纳入第十二个五年计划,投入了大量资金研究和开发可再生能源。Argument – It is not a useful characterisation for China. It seems that China is trying to use everything to reach its goals and pursue a dominating approach from China to international resources. But it could be a misrepresentation of China’s position. China has a huge demand of energy because of its 1.4 billion populations and rapid growth of economy, but the reserves are limited. To ensure its energy security, China has to import a great amount of oil, gas and other raw materials from the outside world and eager to explore the new reserves in East and South China Sea. At the same time, China also suffered in the pollutions that caused by the overuse of dirty powers. To deal with that, Chinese government put “against environment pollution” into the 12th Five-year Plan and spent a lot of money to research and develop the renewable energies. 

This essay will explain China’s energy dilemma and argue that China’s “going out policy” is not for dominate the world but just ensure its energy security.

Part 1: China’s energy dilemma  (400 words)中国能源的困境
China has a huge demand of energy because of the population and economic development. Coal is the most used fossil fuel in China because its great domestic reserves, but it also caused the environmental damage. China needs more oil and gas to face its economic demand and replace the overused coal. China invest in central Asia to build the pipeline, build up the infrastructure in Africa to exchange the raw materials and explore the gas/oil field in East and South China Sea which caused some conflict in this area.  

Part2: China’s investment in Africa----Neo-colonialism or FDI  (550 words)中国对非洲的投资----新殖民主义或外国直接投资
Define the neo-colonialism and FDI to demonstrate that China’s investment in Africa and South America is common commercial behaviour like other multinational companies but not neo-colonialism. 
As the development of economic globalization, countries rely on each other more than before. Developing countries export their raw materials to get the FDI and foreign exchange reserve is a kind of free trade that should not be blamed.
Country’s economic and technology aids always served to its political and economic purpose which is not striking news any more. US, Japan and EU has done it for decades of years. China’s free aids in Africa and South America should not be blamed and accused as the conspiracy.
eg. China invested billions of dollars in Libya to exchange their resources. But US instigate the civil war and controlled the resources through the new government. Compared with China’s long-term investment which has been lost in the civil war, US’ military actions seems more efficient. 

Part3: The disputes around China----pursue hegemony or fight for security (550words)中国各地的争议 - 追求霸权或争取安全
China’s claim on East and South China Sea seems too ambitious, but it is not the only country who claimed on this area.  Countries in East and Southeast Asia fi论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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